Map Program



First and foremost thank you for your interest in Cyron products. The purpose of this MAP program is to:

  1. Encourage a non-volatile marketplace
  2. Allow our distributors and dealers a fair profit margin without needing to create re-pricing strategies that leads to poor profits for all
  3. Protect and preserve the brand equity and value of our products
  4. Discourage end-users from excessive price shopping and have a piece of mind with their quick buying decisio

As a manufacturer and owner of our IPs and patents we reserve the right to review the practices of those who take our products to marketplace. If any offers or promotions are not consistent with stated conditions, we reserve the right to protect the integrity of our products and limit the use of our product names, trademarks, marketing materials, photos, pricing etc.


The MAP policy of Cyron Incorporated (DBA CyronMotor, Cyron Lighting)


  1. The Online Retailer must not advertise or publish retail pricing to the end user for less than designated MSRP. This includes pricing Advertised on a webpage and in the shopping cart price viewable by the public as well as advertising statements that suggest or imply a lower price is available below our MAP policy.
  2. Free shipping or free installation are permissible. No other free or kickback programs, promotions, products, gift cards, cash, etc. will be allowed and are considered a violation of our MAP policy.

Failure to meet the above conditions will result in the following enforcement per 12 months period:

1st Violation - Warning to correct violation will be issued by Cyron, in writing or verbal. Violators must make corrections within 48 hours of notification.

*Suspension means no orders will be accepted, processed, shipped, or drop-shipped to the violating company, or on its behalf. If products are acquired from one of our distributors, we require that you divulge the name of your supplier. They will be contacted and made aware of such violations. Cyron Inc. reserves the right to change or modify its MAP Program at any time.